For patients in need of a higher level of care during transport, Pennsylvania Ambulance offers Advanced Life Support (ALS) transports. ALS transports provide invasive life saving procedures including intravenous infusions, manual defibrillation, advanced airways, and much more. Our ALS transports are staffed by certified Emergency Medical Technician Paramedics (EMT-P) to administer specialized advanced medical care.

Patients who typically require ALS transport include:

  • Medical/surgical patients with continuous IV medicine
  • Patients on a cardiac monitor
  • Trauma patients
  • Patients from urgent care centers
  • Patients with potential airway compromise
  • Any patient that may have a potential complication during transport but does not need a Registered Nurse for transport, per state protocols


Pennsylvania Ambulance employs certified and credentialed emergency medical technicians, responding to client needs 24 hours per day/7 days per week. The professional certification levels of our ambulance staff are at a minimum of Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B).

For any Basic Life Support (BLS) transport, a certified EMT-B is required to administer medical care on board and during transit. BLS transports are offered and suitable for patients who require a stretcher and who may require basic medical care during transport such as oxygen, suctioning or monitoring of vital signs.

All EMT personnel must complete standardized annual continuing educational requirements to maintain their certifications. Pennsylvania Ambulance conducts extensive in-house orientation for all newly hired personnel as well as continued training to tenured employees to maintain regulatory compliance, skills and training on all protocols and procedures.


Pennsylvania Ambulance provides door-to-door wheelchair service and transportation for disabled patients, ensuring patients are personally escorted to the security of their receiving destination—never leaving patients unattended. Our service philosophy is to provide the utmost care to our patients, which includes door-to-door services.

Pennsylvania Ambulance offers transports forpatients, including:

  • Dialysis, therapy, radiation, doctor appointments
  • Well-maintained electric wheelchair lifts with securing lap belts. Easy in and easy out.

Special Operations Vehicles

Pennsylvania Ambulance has two 4WD Ford F350 Special Operations vehicles. PA 35 and PA 53 both carry a wide assortment of tools used for many types incidents. Our Special Operations Units carry heating, cooling items and shelters for Incident Rehab Equipment. The units carry body armor, Kevlar helmets, and Mass hemorrhage kits for Rescue Task Force incidents. Mass Casualty managment items, extrication gear, ropes, forcible entry tools and recovery equipment fill out the rest of the vehicle. PA 35 is also PA DOH licensed as an ALS squad with Cynaokit response bag assigned to the unit. These units service all of our primary EMS response areas and our mutual aid partners upon request.

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